Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I am now engaged and 6 months pregnant. Quick update. Let's just say a long summer of partying, ecstasy, friendship and summer love led to where I am now. Mike is a lovely crazy man, loves pizza and is completely excited about being a father. He is impervious to my little female games we all play when we are allowed to. He DJs house music for the raves we throw and he drinks a lot. I am crossing phases in my pregnancy where I eat and don't. I gained 20 lbs from november to january and only 2.5 lbs from january to march. I work at the same fast food chain I did 2 years ago, just in a nearby town where new faces replace the same personalities and my life is just as poor and awesome as ever.

I'm due June 25, literally a year after Mike and I met. How did we grow so close so fast? Lots of time together. When you're around your soul mate constantly, you tend to notice it. I was terrified of commitment until Mike snagged me. I know I'm always in love, but considering the circumstances I'm happy with how this is going.

We just got a truck to carry our family and rave promoting family in around. We should be getting out our own apartment soon...tired of living in an older couples' house who bitches at us about taking out the trash. We want our happy raver home and life will be good.