Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Eat when you're hungry?

Hello, its been a long time.
I've recently dipped down to 130 as of this March. I gained a bit since then because of a trip to visit my ex in a small town where my only food was hot dogs and ramen and the only pastime was smoking weed and getting munchies. I am now settled at a toned, slight bone-baring 138. I can feel my spine, ribs, and abs. I can see my hipbones and my chest has gotten perkier. I've lately taken on the habit of eating only when hungry and when food is low calorie and I've taken my diet pills. When I'm not hungry (which is most of the time) I simply don't eat. But I do manage to eat something healthy and take plenty of vitamin supplements daily. It's a very balanced and semi-healthier way of eating for me. And I'm probably the happiest and prettiest I've ever felt right now. I'm newly single, talking to a couple of guys, and enjoying the party life of working for a rave production company. More on that later. :)

That's the update, hopefully will post again soon!